Episode 9

Help Your Niece Discover Her Voice With Iris Swinea, Founder of PowHeard By Voice

Iris Swinea is the founder of PowHeard by Voice, and she creates dynamic opportunities for girls and young women to thrive by building their speaking skills. She calls it “powering your voice as a platform.” She has learned that girls own their value and create confidence as unique individuals when they understand how to use their voice as a platform not a performance.

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In This Episode:

1:27 - Why Iris decided to explore the power of voice

3:42 - How Iris decided start a podcast and what to expect on the PowHeard By Voice podcast

6:07 - Importance of sharing our appreciation with others

6:49 - Difference between using your voice as a platform rather than a performance

9:26 - How perfection blocks our voices

12:07 - How active listening can encourage our nieces to share their voices

15:18 - What she learned from mentoring teen girls

17:35 - How we can support our nieces to become leaders

21:11 - What Iris has learned as an aunt

23:35 - Special memories with her nieces

24:21 - Advice for aunts

PowHeard By Voice Courses:

The “Embracing Voice” course will debut in April 2022. It includes 8 short lessons along with provocative exercises and demonstrations that will help girls begin their journey towards a PowHeard voice. The online/on demand course is a great way to introduce the Voice philosophy for skill development. Our live virtual class is a safe environment where girls will develop confidence in public speaking skills by demonstrating “voice” through a range of collaborative communications.

Girls can participate through an online platform to begin mastering the skills, and they will also have an opportunity to practice skills that promote collaboration in the PowHeard community. Reach out to Iris at powheardbyvoice@gmail.com for more information.

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