Episode 21

Miss Boston, Arcadia Ewell, Shares Tips to Prepare Our Nieces & Nephews for College & to Spot Signs of Dating Violence

Arcadia Ewell recently earned the title of Miss Boston and is competing for Miss Massachusetts in July.

Arcadia is a first-generation high school graduate who is now pursuing a PhD in Developmental Psychology. She’s a published children's book author and playwright and a successful content creator. She shares resources for students applying to higher education and provides realistic depictions of life as a graduate student with her social media followers. As a stalking survivor, she advocates for Dating and Domestic Violence awareness and prevention.

I am excited to have Arcadia with us today to help us aunts navigate some of these topics with our nieces and nephews and learn from her experiences.

Connect with Arcadia:

Website: www.arcadiaewell.com

Instagram: @arcadiaewell or @missbostonorg

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In This Episode:

1:36 More about Arcadia's journey to becoming Miss Boston

3:12 Arcadia's volunteer work with the rape crisis center

6:25 How us aunts can spot warning signs or relationship abuse with our nieces and nephews

8:50 How early we should start having conversations with our nieces and nephews about red flags to watch for

10:32 Tips to approach the topic of relationship abuse with our nieces and nephews

12:08 How college has changed since many of us aunts have been in school

14:50 How we can help our nieces and nephews with their college application requirements

17:11 Arcadia shares more about her experience with the Miss America program and what we can do if our niece is interested

20:09 How we can support our nieces and nephews in learning about career options and help them find the right fit

21:50 Arcadia's advice on how we can support and encourage our nieces' and nephews' dreams

23:16 Where you can connect with Arcadia

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