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Aunt Teresa Beard Connects With Her 18 "Tiny Adults"

While being an aunt may have scared her at first, Aunt Teresa has connected with her 18 nieces and nephews by treating them like tiny adults. She encourages her nieces and nephews to be anything they want. In addition to encouraging her nieces and nephews, they have also made a difference in her life. Her niece inspired her to go back to college as an adult. Hear Aunt Teresa's fun stories and wise advice for other aunts. Subscribe to Auntecdotes

Teresa is a writer, podcaster, and consultant from western New York. She hosts Sh*t That Scares Me, a podcast about all of the scary things in this big, scary world. A lifelong fan of all things offbeat and strange, Teresa's podcast covers the whole spectrum of scary things, from ghosts and aliens to murders and existing in the world as a disabled person. Teresa is passionate about makeup, human rights, and good coffee, and in her free time enjoys reading and road trips.

Connect with Teresa:

Website: www.scaredmedia.com

Facebook: facebook.com/scaredmedia

Twitter: twitter.com/scared_media

Instagram: instagram.com/scaredmedia

Linktree: https://linktr.ee/scaredmedia


1:17 How Teresa felt when she became an aunt

2:30 How she became an aunt to more than her biological nieces and nephews

3:43 How Teresa balances her attention to 18 nieces and nephews

5:00 How communication and needs change with the various ages of her nieces and nephews

8:12 How Teresa demonstrates other life paths

13:19 Fun ways to irritate siblings through interactions with nieces and nephews

15:26 Teresa shares more about her podcast Sh*t That Scares Me and how it relates to her nieces and nephews

17:26 Sometimes Teresa gets scared as an aunt

22:41 Her favorite memories with nieces and nephews

26:27 What she has learned from them

27:28 What she thinks they have learned from her

28:29 Advice for other aunts

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Heidi Frei is the host and producer of Auntecdotes. She has been an aunt for 24 years, and it is the joy of her life. She has nieces and nephews who range in age from 9 to 24. Heidi also hosts and produces the Single Soul Circle Podcast (www.singlesoulcircle.com).