Episode 19

A Niece’s Perspective: Kellina Powell’s Aunt Teaches Her to Follow Her Dreams and Always Keep Going, No Matter How Difficult Things Are

Kellina Powell is a young entrepreneur who loves to help people with their personal growth and educate others about the deaf community. Little do people know, Kellina is actually a hard of hearing person. She became deaf at the age of four. She recently graduated with a psychology degree and is now starting her own online coaching business, while launching her book.

Kellina’s aunt has made an impact on her life by helping Kellina when she was bullied in school, even showing up to pick her up in a fancy red car. Her aunt introduced her to the world of travel and instills the importance of traveling when you are young. She also showed Kellina it is possible to live her career dreams and start her own business and other life lessons. In addition, Kellina inspires her aunt with all she has accomplished in her young life with her own business and writing a book, Every Day I am Just Deaf. Kellina also shares tips for us aunts who may have nieces or nephews who are being bullied in school.

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