Episode 18

Aunt Manisha Tare Finds Her Adventurous Spirit and Travels to Pretend Land With Her Niece

Aunt Manisha Tare is inspired by her fearless eight-year-old niece. From watching her niece's stand-up comedy routine at school to participating in creative projects with her, like creating a mock aquarium and art exhibit, Manisha finds her adventurous spirit. Her niece reminds her that you can play, even as an adult. Manisha loves being an aunt and believes it is an important role in children's lives, saying, "They get an extra person to nurture their spirit."

Manisha Tare is an Embodiment Coach and Mentor for highly sensitive women who want to feel confident setting boundaries and speaking up for themselves in their relationships. She utilizes a trauma informed, somatic approach to help her clients heal insecure attachment and the impacts of early trauma so they no longer carry past baggage into the present. Learn more about her approach, free resources and how you can work with her 1:1 so you can co-create the relationships you desire at manishatare.com.

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In This Episode

1:15 What being an aunt means to Manisha

3:08 Some of the things Manisha loves to do with her niece

4:55 Some of Manisha's memories with her niece that were filled with laughter

7:31 Manisha's most meaningful memories with her niece

9:55 Memories Manisha looks forward to making with her niece

11:10 How Manisha sees herself in her niece

12:18 What Manisha has learned from her niece

13:57 What Manisha hopes her niece learns from her

15:13 Advice for other aunts

17:57 Manisha shares more about her podcast The Transform Your Relationship Podcast and her coaching business

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Heidi Frei is the host and producer of Auntecdotes. She has been an aunt for 24 years, and it is the joy of her life. She has nieces and nephews who range in age from 9 to 24. Heidi also hosts and produces the Single Soul Circle Podcast (www.singlesoulcircle.com).