Episode 16

Aunt Naomi Geidel Shares a Sense of Adventure With Her Nieces and Nephews

Naomi Geidel is a teacher and creative creature who loves to support others live out their creative purpose. She loves adventure and currently lives in Bangkok, Thailand. Naomi adores her 7 nieces and 2 nephews and cherishes these relationships as a childless not by choice single.

Hear how Aunt Naomi combines her creativity and adventure in her relationship with her nieces and nephews. From arts and craft projects to taking them each on their own adventure when they turn 12, Naomi is a cool aunt. She encourages her nieces and nephews to follow their heart and be brave in their decisions, even if it isn't the popular choice. She admires their courage to stand up for what is right.

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Naomi Geidel Life Purpose & Transition Coach



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In This Episode

1:20 Aunt Naomi has the courage to make a career transition and has lived in Indonesia, Japan and now Thailand

1:52 What it means to be an aunt

3:01 Naomi's special memories with her nieces and nephews

5:21 How she engages with her nieces and nephews

7:46 How Naomi sees herself in her nieces and nephews

8:50 What Naomi has learned from her nieces and nephews

9:54 What she has taught them

11:00 Advice for other aunts

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