Episode 17

Aunt Jennifer Nagel Waited a Long Time to Become an Aunt and Never Tires of Hearing "Aunt Jennifer"

Aunt Jennifer Nagel could not wait to become an aunt and is making the most of every moment with her nieces and nephews ranging in age from 2 to 23. Jennifer had amazing aunts and uncles who had an influence in her life, and she always felt cool hanging out with her aunt. Jennifer enjoys experiencing a variety of traditions with her awesome, big multi-cultural family. Her nieces and nephews have free and adventurous spirits and remind her to relax and enjoy life. In addition to a lot of laughs and quality time, Jennifer also shows her nieces and nephews that they don't have to work in traditional jobs and can take a different path, as she has with creating Success Revolution Society Mastermind Community. She loves being an aunt and never tires of hearing her nieces and nephews call her Aunt Jennifer.

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CEO + Connection Queen

Jennifer Nagel is an online CEO and founder of the mastermind community, Success Revolution Society.

In her 20+ year professional career, she has mastered developing meaningful connections in business. Her signature framework guides professionals and fempreneurs to build genuine, profitable and strategic collaborations so that they can step into the life they imagine on their vision board.

Jennifer delivers bold truths with humor and care. Her audiences step away feeling seen, heard, and inspired to take meaningful action.

She's the "fun" auntie to nieces and nephews ranging from 2 years to 23 years. She has a large, blended, intercultural family, so she enjoys the range of ages, languages, traditions, hair textures and experiences with her nieces and nephews.

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In This Episode

1:55 How Jennifer felt when she became an aunt

3:35 Special memories with her aunts and uncles

6:05 Difference in relationships with local and long distance nieces and nephews

9:18 How her sister's stepdaughters have opened up a new world of being an aunt to adults

10:30 Jennifer shares more about her awesome, big, multi-cultural family

15:02 Memories with her nieces and nephews that make her laugh

18:29 Most meaningful memories

19:46 Memories she looks forward to making with them

22:28 What Jennifer has learned from her nieces and nephews

23:35 What she hopes they learn from her

25:07 Advice for other aunts

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Heidi Frei is the host and producer of Auntecdotes. She has been an aunt for 24 years, and it is the joy of her life. She has nieces and nephews who range in age from 9 to 24. Heidi also hosts and produces the Single Soul Circle Podcast (www.singlesoulcircle.com).