Episode 11

Aunt Hollie Costello Carries On a Family Tradition of Amazing Aunts

With a heart of gold and an awesome sense of humor, Aunt Hollie Costello shares how she connects with her niece and nephew. She has amazing aunts and uncles and is carrying on that tradition. Hollie personalizes the attention she gives to her niece and nephew and brings in her perspective as the "visitor aunt," who lives in another state and makes the most of every moment with them.

In this Episode:

1:00 The best thing about being an aunt

1:45 How Hollie's aunts and uncles played a role in her life

4:17 How she is following in her aunts' footsteps

6:45 The responsibility of aunts in smaller families

7:46 Special memories with her niece and nephew

9:00 Challenges of living far away from her niece and nephew

13:37 How to entertain your niece and nephew when there is a six-year age gap

15:31 What Hollie has learned from her niece and nephew

18:53 What her niece and nephew have learned from her

21:20 How she sees herself in her niece and nephew

22:33 Advice for other aunts

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