Episode 12

Aunt Jennifer Lee's Niece Meghan is Her Motivation

Aunt Jennifer Lee feels honored and privileged to be an aunt to her 13-year-old niece Meghan. From travel, pajama parties and bingeing HGTV to special time shared in family prayer and celebrating birthdays, Aunt Jennifer has enjoyed the evolution of her relationship with her niece.

She didn't realize she could love someone so much and shares, "Every time she calls, my heart skips a beat."

You will walk away feeling inspired after hearing her beautiful words.

In This Episode:

:54 What it means to be an aunt

1:50 Special memories with her niece

4:02 Jennifer's recent travel with her niece

7:22 How she has built a strong relationship with her niece

15:00 What Jennifer has learned from her niece

17:45 What she is teaching her niece

19:52 How she sees herself in her niece

22:30 Advice for other aunts

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